The Central Coast Bush Dance is held

on the 2nd Saturday of each month


at the East Gosford Progress Hall, Corner of Henry Parry Drive

and Wells Street East Gosford commencing at 7.30pm till 11.00pm.


All dances are called and no experience is needed.






Annual General Meeting 6.00 pm
in the hall prior to the dance
all members welcome

Nomination Form
Membership Form
2017 AGM Agenda

reminder to all members
membership renewals due from February

11th February

social dance with recorded music
callers Bill Propert and David Potter

11th March

bush dance with "Bad Wallaby Bush Band"

8th April

social dance with recorded music
callers to be advised

7th May

Jane Austen practice afternoon
2-5pm East Gosford Progress Hall
Teacher: David Potter

13th May

Jane Austen Theme Night
with “Regency Ryebuck”


no dance

8th July

Rags and Contra Theme with JH Dance Band
John Short caller

12th August

Saturday Night Social Dance
with Keith Wood, dance caller and award winning dance composer
Theme: Playford Dances

9th September

Saturday Night Social Dance
with John Short, popular caller and award winning dance composer
Program will include some of John's favourite dances.

8th October

Flannel Flower Ball practice
10am till 4pm
at the East Gosford Progress Hall
Bring your own lunch
Coffee, tea, morning tea provided

14th October

Flannel Flower Spring Ball with "Short Dented Potts"
caller John Short and invited callers
dance instructions

11th November

Contra Dance with “Pastrami-On-Ryebuck"

9th December

Saturday Night Social Dance
with Cathy Richmond as dance caller for this special


All dances are taught, walked through and called as they are danced.  Beginners are most welcome.  Theme nights are evenings where all the dances are drawn from that particular genre. Most, but not all, are bush dances.  Last year’s Theme Nights were spectacularly successful.  Feel free to dress up in costume and add to the atmosphere.

Being primarily an adult dance, we don’t encourage small children – it’s too easy for them to get in the way and be trampled – but older children are welcomed, subject to our “Guidelines for Children, their parents and others”. 




 Admission $20.00 including supper

CCBDMA Members - $15.00

    Students 13 to 18 - $10.00

Children under 12 - $7.00







Please support and enjoy our dances

It's good for your health and your history


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